Firefox 4

Firefox 4 Has Arrived

The long awaited Firefox 4 is now available for everyone after months of development. Firefox 4 comes with major changes such as Redesigned User Interface,...

Rumor: iPhone 5 with bigger Screen, Physical Keyboard and Better Camera?

Would Apple really acknowledge a bigger screen, physical keyboard and better camera for its next-generation iPhone? The rumor derived from a Taiwanese blog “Apple.Pro”. Three...
Top Needy Solutions For 2018

Top Needy Solutions For 2018: What Can We Expect More?

Top Needy Solutions For 2018 The competition is so fast nowadays as if we depend on a single invention; we would find ourselves at the...

Sony Retires the Cassette Walkman After 30 Years

Sony has stop manufacturing and distribution it’s another dignified technology which is the portable and first low-cost music player called "The Cassette Walkman". According to...
Download Skype for Windows 8

Microsoft introduced a new Version of Skype for Windows 8

Microsoft released a new version of the popular VOIP/chat application Skype for the Windows 8, just two weeks after the operating system's release and...
Electric Vehicles Ready for Prime Time

Are Electric Vehicles Ready for Prime Time?

Okay, so you are ready to do your part to reduce fossil fuel usage and you are considering an EV (Electric Vehicle). Several manufacturers...
Nexus 7 Front Side

Google unveils Nexus 7: World’s Highest Resolution Tablet

Google has unveils the latest model of its Nexus 7 tablet, in addition to an upgraded version of the company's Android operating system 4.3...

Google Translate, Now With Voice Input

Google enables the support for HTML Speech input API in the Chrome 11 browser. Now developers can provide the ability to transcribe user voice into...

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