Today, Apple has announced it new iOS Version, iOS 8 at Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 (WWDC 2014). iOS 8, which will soon come to iPhones and iPads, is the next generation of the platform that provides a collection of new features to the well-known Smartphone and will be available later this year.

iOS 8 Active Notifications

iOS 8 provides Active Notifications, allowing users the capability to quick responses and easy management of notifications without starting the app it comes from. Swiping notifications will raise up a set of two Accept/Decline buttons.

Apple iOS 8

iOS 8 Mail App

Mail on the iPad has been enhanced, too, that brings new gestures and tagging assistance. Composing messages now have a “multitask” view where you can conceal messages to view other substance while composing an email.

iOS 8 Messages App

Messages have a set of upgrades, now allows you to name a thread, mute yourself from a conversation, and a new feature known as Tap to Talk, which allows you to speak and send an audio message to the recipient and can be playback. You can now also share your location with folks and you can also set a time-limit to share your location too.

Multi-tasking app screen

Apple is also delivering an improvement to the multi-tasking app screen that will be accessible by double-clicking the Home button. Moreover to showing all apps running, the screen displays a scrolling reel of favorite contacts, identified by photos, along the top of the screen. Tap one, and you will be in the position to call, message or FaceTime the contact.

iOS 8 Keyboard

The Keyboard also gets an overhaul that Android users will find familiar: predictive typing. Suggestions for what you may be writing next show up above the keyboard. The suggestions can adjust based on who you’re talking to. One example is, the sentence, “The meeting was…” could get suggestions like “rescheduled or cancelled” for one contact and “epic or awesome” for another.

Health and Fitness App

iOS 8 has a larger focus on health and fitness through an app simply known as Health. It’s supported by a HealthKit service, which lets gives health and fitness app developers a central place on the Apple’s iPhone to incorporate with their software. There is also a service that can connect to hospitals as well. Apple is also working with health providers to get the most out of the service. If this occurs, it can contact your specialist for quicker therapeutic guidance.

Share iTunes content with Family Sharing

iOS 8 also features Family Sharing, which finally provides a long-requested feature: linking Apple IDs. You can share any iTunes content with up to six family members that any of them has bought, and if one family member tries to buy an app or in-app purchase, the credit-card holder will get an alert, permitting them to allow or refuse the request.

Third Party Enterprise Features

Apple also included some enterprise features in iOS 8. Users can sign up to specific message threads known as VIP threads, calendars can share “busy” information with an organization, and iCloud can work with 3rd party storage providers, such as, Box and OneDrive.

Siri Improvements

Siri will get some improvements, which includes song recognition with Shazam; the capability to make iTunes purchases directly; and support for 22 more dictation languages.

Touch-ID support now has been extended with developers and they can now access the fingerprint sensor.

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