Windows 11 Desktop and Start Menu

Microsoft to reveal its next generation of Windows on June 24th

Microsoft's upcoming big event, "What's Next for Windows," is scheduled for June 24, and for the first time in over five years, the tech giant is expecting to reveal a new version of Windows...
Google Meet

Google Meet gets new features for improving call quality

Google Meet has become a helpful platform for host virtual meetings and online classes worldwide since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic-induced crisis and lockdown.
Windows 10 Sun Valley Update

Upcoming Windows 10 Update replaces 26-years old Windows 95-era icons, says a report.

Windows receives visual updates regularly, with constantly changing Recycling bins, Start menu designs, Task Bar icons, and other popular elements that PC users see continually changing every day. However, Microsoft has many less-noticed visual...

What to Look for When Buying a WordPress Hosting Service?

Once you have come up with a business plan that you believe can work well, your next step may be to create your own website to showcase your products and services. WordPress is a...
TikTok beats Facebook

Report: TikTok Beats Facebook in Time Spent Per User

TikTok beats Facebook and becomes world's most downloaded app! For the first time, users spend more time on TikTok than Facebook, based on an annual trend report from App Annie, a mobile app analytics company. TikTok,...
Set Up Your Guest Wi-Fi Network

How to Set Up Your Guest Wi-Fi Network

If your business operates out of an office, a retail store, or a public building, it's essential that you have a guest Wi-Fi network. When customers, partners, retailers, or suppliers visit your business, they...
Key Marketing Considerations

Four Key Marketing Considerations all Businesses Should Make

Marketing is synonymous with the kind of business environment we currently live in one that’s looking to capture the attention of web users who surf the internet each and every day. To market effectively,...
Mobile Invoicing Apps

Best Mobile Invoicing Apps ready to help your business

Invoicing is extremely important for small businesses and used as a source business documents that allow companies to record all the sales transactions that a business makes with its client and get paid for...
Positive Business Culture

Quick Tips on How to Build a Positive Business Culture

If your business is going to perform at its highest level, it needs to have a positive business culture that inspires your staff and gets the most out of them. Finding the perfect business...
Events in the Middle East Affect US Citizens

How Events in the Middle East Affect US Citizens

With newscasters now broadcasting on a 24/7 news cycle, there’s little wonder that events around the world are feeling closer and closer to home. It has been one region in particular – that of...