Back-to-School gift gadgets

The best Back-to-School gift gadgets under $50

It's hard to believe, but it's true. Summer is into its last heave, and your brother or cousin or children or nephew or grandchildren is going off to stay on their personal....
Apple Card

Apple Card is now available to everyone in the United States

A new high-tech iPhone-integrated Apple card is now available to everyone in the United States, the company announced on Tuesday.If you are excited, you can get this high-tech...
Raspberry PI 4 Full Kit

The Raspberry Pi 4 announced with 4K video support and up to 4GB RAM

The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced a next generation of the Pi, the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B,  with three different LPDDR4 RAM variants, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB.The new...
Keys To Building A Successful Business

Keys To Building A Successful Business

Being your own boss is a great dream and goal to have but can also be a very challenging endeavor. Anyone can start a business but not everyone can run a successful operation that is...
Google Search new look on mobile devices

Google Search gets a new look on mobile devices

Google revealed a new look today for Google Search results on mobile, which provides the sites a new way to display personal branding rather than looking similar to every search result.
Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser is now available to test on MacOS

Microsoft officially announced today that it’s Chromium-based Edge browser now available for testing on MacOS. Users can download it from the Canary branch, which gets daily updates.Chromium-based Edge...
WaterJet Cutting

The Benefits of Waterjet Cutting Technologies

Waterjet cutting technologies are among the fastest growing processes in the world because of their ease of operation and versatility. By using Flow Waterjet Software for you Waterjet cutting solutions, your shop or business will...
Microsoft your Phone app

Microsoft’s Your Phone app now allow users to save images directly, adds contact photos

Microsoft adds some more enhancements and two new handy options to their popular Your Phone remote phone access app.The first update in the Your Phone app allows...
Google Drive

Work on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides even you are offline

Google has rolled out an update to the Google Drive Web Client today with offline experience enhancements that enable users to view and edit the files when there’s no connectivity or have a bad...
Which Type of Programming Language is Used in the ECU of a Car

Which Type of Programming Language is Used in the ECU of a Car

ECU or Engine Control Unit is an electronic controller that looks after the actuators and tells about the efficiency of the engine. ECU Computer programming tells us that ECU should be written...