Outlook.com Beta Interface

Microsoft has started to roll out a new, faster, smarter and overhauled version of Outlook.com beta today.

This is the third design revision of Outlook.com since it first launched in 2012. Users who are interested to check the potential new Outlook.com beta features before they are rolled out can easily opt in by toggling the “Try the Beta” option located on the top right area of their inboxes. Users have also an option to opt-out from the beta version of Outlook.com at any time.

Outlook.com Try the Beta

Right now, this beta program is not available for all Outlook.com users. Only few of them can see this opt-in option in their inboxes. The beta opt-in should be available to all Outlook.com users worldwide “in the next few weeks,” officials said.

The Outlook beta also features an enhanced search experience. The new search interface is positioned at the top of the inbox now, instead of the sidebar and start showing the suggestions as you type. The new interface will also preview the attached files and photos from your conversation list that make it quicker to see what are in the attach files. Microsoft is also making it simpler to find people throughout your inbox, by tagging them as favorites.

Outlook.com Beta emoji

Outlook.com beta also includes popular emojis and GIFs that users can easily insert into their emails and find more with a pre-integrated search interface. In addition, Microsoft also testing out some new smarter inbox features, which include the ability to tag favorite teams’ schedules, flight information, or restaurants into emails. That’s mean if you’re talking about a coffee place with your friend, you can easily add rich information about location and the other details into a conversation.

Outlook.com Beta Interface

Additional enhancements are in the pipeline and set to be rolled out over the next couple of months, including the improvement to people and calendar.


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