Google is rolling out a new beta feature for Gmail to manage bulk amounts of e-mail. This feature is know as “Priority Inbox“.

Priority Inbox is a new layout that guides you to focus on your important messages. This feature appears at the top of the “Inbox” link. This feature is an algorithm that uses information such as the people you e-mail the most, keywords and which ones you’ve opened.

[richvideo width=”500″ height=”340″ url=”” uniqueid=”gmailPriorityInbox” title=’Gmail: Introducing Priority Inbox’ detail=’Google is rolling out a new beta feature for Gmail to manage bulk amounts of e-mail called Priority Inbox.’]

Priority Inbox divides these emails into three main sections such as:

  • The Most Important and unread messages
  • The messages you’ve Starred for followup
  • Everything else.

Under Important and unread section those messages are listed that Gmail find out important. The second layer is Starred that keep those important messages they have read but for some reason still need in their inboxes and rest email will be listed under “Everything else” section.

You can also use filters to mark messages as important. If you are using Google Apps, you will see this feature if the administrator has enabled “pre-release features“.

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