Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

Everyone wants their house to look the best on Christmas, the most awaited day of the year? Even though we have enough time for Christmas preparations, there is no harm in looking for different Christmas home decorating ideas so early. Besides, it is so much fun! If you have a lot of spare money in hand, you can go hiring an interior designer to decorate your home. I suggest you do it yourself. There’s a different kind of joy in decorating your home yourself! However, for home repair jobs like replacement windows in Trenton Michigan, you must contact professionals. Today I’ll share with you some really cool Christmas home decorating ideas that will rock your holidays!

8Shine like gold!

Glittery gold never gets old! Cut a Christmas mantle banner and spread glue on it. Sprinkle lots of golden glitter. Be generous while you do that! Dry it up and hang it on the mantle. It would just look “hot” above the fireplace.

7The more the better!

Don’t worry about overdoing it – it’s Christmas for Christ’s sake! You’re supposed to overdo stuff. One wreath is old school. Use two and openly show off your love for Christmas!

6Don’t be afraid of exposing your drinking habits

It’s time your binge drinking would pay off! Grab all the empty wine bottles (if you’ve not broken them!) that you’ve been hiding from your family and turn them into beautiful candle stands. Censor the nasty wine labeling with glittery or shiny wrapping paper and fix the candles on the bottle mouths. Use glossy ribbons to beautify the bottles more. Did you ever think your family would actually thank you for being a lousy drunk?

5More Sparkle!

This is one of those Christmas home decorating ideas that are all about sparkle and glitter. Buy gold paint from the market and paint the pine cones with it or you can add glitter and glue to water and dip the pine cones in the mixture. Another idea is to spray the pine cones with golden spray! Make a big lot of golden pine cones and then use them to decorate your home. Hang on the doors, decorate tables with them or make baskets full of golden pine cones and put them in different corners.

4Cute little Christmas tree!

Nothing can beat a real Christmas tree except this cute wood pallet Christmas tree. This is one of my favorite Christmas home decorating ideas. My daughter just loved it when I made this for her room last Christmas. Take a shipping crate and paint a cute little tree on it. Use pom-poms or little magic balls to decorate the tree. Place it in your baby’s room with their Christmas presents piled up against it!

3Words of love!

Use the old scrabble that you no longer play and make pretty ornaments with it. Make up different warm words and tie them up together using a drill and string. You can add colorful beads and pearls in between, to fancy up the word ornaments!

2Light away the driveway!

This is one of those Christmas home decorating ideas that you can use on the Christmas Eve. It’s not just the inside of your home that needs decorating. Use lots of homemade luminaries to lighten up your driveway. Can you think of a more warm way of welcoming your family at home on Christmas Eve?

1Show off your holiday cards!

While you can just hang the cards next to the Christmas tree or put them up on the mantle, this idea is much more fun and creative. Take an old rustic ladder and hang your holiday cards on it. To give it a homier look, hang a cozy wool sock on one step or put a red Santa hat on top of it. Decorate it the way you like!

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