Why is the eWebGuru VPS so cheap?

Why is the eWebGuru VPS so cheap?

Internet has effectively narrowed the gap between inquisitive minds and professional marketing personals. With the vision to achieve a digital marketing world in this era, online advertising and official website are coming up rapidly and we will witness it increase multiple folds over the time. In recent times, people are choosing  VPS hosting as the best solution for floating their own websites over the internet. It is capable enough of performing all the activities of any actual physical server. No doubt, having a small dedicated self-owned server is what anyone would like to have. A virtual private server can enable you to leverage the benefits of dedicated servers at a fraction of the cost. eWebGuru is a website which provides affordable and cheap web hosting. Windows web hosting is recently becoming popular and hitting the notice of many people out here in the commercial market. Even you would like to try one.

Benefits that are only available at eWebGuru:

eWebGuru is all you need if you are looking for a VPS provider. This eminent organization is becoming popular and common among the prominent branding companies as their hosting server. One of the most affordable and reliable with a reasonable price on different services, they are the one people trusts their website with. They have the best offers you can get ever on any website. They come with a wide range of packages you can avail as per your requirement and wish, with no compromise in giving the best of their service. Monthly and yearly packages are getting most popular these days.

  • EWEBGURU is the perfect platform for  Cheap web hosting.
  • It brings to us the shared hosting with the most reliable, solid and stable web hosting solutions giving a better filed to work on.
  • Its shared hosting plans are just started at Rs. 1295/ per year.
  • Here, in the VPS hosting the host gets unlimited domains, a database in your VPS.
  • Also, you get unlimited database as your wish along with unlimited subdomains.
  • It is not very promising and one might face problem in case of having authenticity of their own webpage.
  • On such issues, personal server is the best option one can have.
  • EWEBGURU is  one of the Best windows reseller hosting provider in India

Additional qualities and functions that are provided by eWebGuru:

  • This hosting site gives you instant hosting after the purchase, you can instantly activate your VPS server.
  • You can create your own private name server.
  • Unlimited email ids are allowed. On buying any VPS server, free migration will be available.
  • After buying the server the migration experts of the site can migrate your site freely.
  • Also, your all packages will be managed 24 x 7 whenever you want.
  • All hosting plans of this site include free server-side application installing.
  • When operating in a shared hosted environment, even with all the appropriate security measures, breaches in security can occur.
  • The level of security increases significantly when you upgrade to VPS’s.
  • Each VPS is isolated via virtualization software which keeps all data, applications, and processes safe and secure in its own virtual environment.
  • EWEBGURU provides us with burstable ram also, it means extra ram which can be added to the VPS temporarily in case of ram shortage.
  • It is not meant for consistent usage like the dedicated ram.
  • You can customize your VPS with LINUX or windows anywhere you want with the cost of purchasing the package for the VPS hosting.
  • The packages for VPS hosting start at Rs. 12000/ per year.

The VPS hosting of the website EWEBGURU hosting stands apart rather has come out with powerful servers and with managed VPS options. Also, it has stood out as one of the most economical web hosting sites in India since 2007. Since then it is making the VPS hosting server more popular across the country India.

About VPS hosting:

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosts your website and manages it as your terms. Surprisingly, VPS hosting has become one of the most preferred solution for small to medium sized businesses looking for a host for their website.  VPS breaks the bar of limited shared hosting and the flexibility of dedicated hosting server.  As VPS is a virtualized software that partitions a single physical server for creating multiple servers within it.

Why people should go for VPS hosting?

No doubt, having a small dedicated self-owned server is what anyone would like to have. VPS hosting comes with a lot of benefits along with being cost effective. You get your own portion of share from a private server all by yourself. The size of your share is as per your convenience and requirement. This way you don’t have to own a huge server that’s far huge for yourself in exchange of excessive cash. It cuts down your buying expense by multiple folds. All these makes VPS hosting much more affordable to a number of people looking forward of having their personal website on the internet.

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