Top Needy Solutions For 2018

Top Needy Solutions For 2018: What Can We Expect More?

Top Needy Solutions For 2018 The competition is so fast nowadays as if we depend on a single invention; we would find ourselves at the...

Google Translate, Now With Voice Input

Google enables the support for HTML Speech input API in the Chrome 11 browser. Now developers can provide the ability to transcribe user voice into...

Apple iOS 4.2 now available

The new version of Apple’s operating system for mobile, iOS 4.2, is available for the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. The new version brings several...

Apple finally unveils its next Generation Smartphone, iPhone 5

As expected, Apple has finally announced its next Generation Smartphone, and yes, it’s called the iPhone 5.  The device is made of aluminum and glass...

Facebook acquires to Start an E-Mail Service

It has been disclosed that Facebook has buy the domain. This news arrives before its special event, where it is set to uncover...
Blockchain Can Improve The Real Estate Industry

How Blockchain Can Improve The Real Estate Industry

Initially, blockchain's objectives were to offer exchange and authentic ownership of digital information without the need for intermediaries. Now, the same technology is providing...

RUMOR: Apple Developing Smaller iPad and Amazon Works on a Bigger...

Apple is working on a smaller and cheaper iPad model to rival Google's Nexus 7 device, according to New York Times. According to these sources,...

Rumor: iPhone 5 with bigger Screen, Physical Keyboard and Better Camera?

Would Apple really acknowledge a bigger screen, physical keyboard and better camera for its next-generation iPhone? The rumor derived from a Taiwanese blog “Apple.Pro”. Three...

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