Digital Document Templates

Automate 101: Why You Need To Have Digital Document Templates

Digital Document Templates It would not take a genius to help explain what automation is all about. An answer that you get out of a...

Gmail: Introducing Priority Inbox

Google is rolling out a new beta feature for Gmail to manage bulk amounts of e-mail. This feature is know as "Priority Inbox". Priority Inbox...

Mac OS X 10.6.5 Now Available

Apple has just dropped a new update for its desktop operating system, Mac OS X Snow Leopard. The new update brings several improvements and security...

Full HD Video Calls and Facebook Integration in New Skype For...

Microsoft released an update for Skype for Windows (v 5.8) that brings several new and amazing features including Group Screen Sharing, HD Web Calls...
Sony micro-USB Drive for Smartphone and Tablets

Sony introduced micro-USB Drive for Smartphone and Tablets

There are various Android devices in the market which do not feature a detachable back cover, which also gives a sign that the device...
How Did Climate Change

How Did Climate Change in the Recent 30 Years?

How Did Climate Change We all are aware of the fact that Earth’s climate is rapidly changing. It has been changing ever since the Earth...
Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft rebranded SkyDrive as OneDrive

Microsoft has finally made a decision on the name for its successor cloud storage service SkyDrive to rebrand as OneDrive. SkyDrive, the software company's cloud...
Skype for

Microsoft finally rolls out Skype integration to all users worldwide

After testing a preview version, Microsoft finally rolls out Skype integration to all users worldwide as of March 4. Microsoft unveils a preview version...

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