REPORT: Future iPhone, iPad to have Qualcomm chips and SD card...

Is Apple switching up to a new wireless chip supplier for the future iPhone and iPad? A reliable source told Engedget that “Apple is going...

Apple App Store hits 10 Billion Downloads

Apple’s Official App Store hits 10 Billion downloads on Saturday. Apple recently announced to give a $10,000 iTunes gift card to the person who downloaded...

Protect America- Among the Best Names in Home Security

The business of home security is looking up to be quite large owing to the present demand of modern nuclear families. This is because,...
Priority Inbox for Mobile

Gmail Priority Inbox Now Available on Mobile Web

Google is launching its popular Priority Inbox feature for Mobile interface. Priority Inbox feature use an algorithm that choose the important e-mails and arrange them...

Samsung again Protects its Latest Phone Design Language

Samsung has released a blog post detailing the design inspiration for the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Alpha. The Korean giant came under criticism from fans...
Blockchain Can Improve The Real Estate Industry

How Blockchain Can Improve The Real Estate Industry

Initially, blockchain's objectives were to offer exchange and authentic ownership of digital information without the need for intermediaries. Now, the same technology is providing...

Sony Retires the Cassette Walkman After 30 Years

Sony has stop manufacturing and distribution it’s another dignified technology which is the portable and first low-cost music player called "The Cassette Walkman". According to...

Gmail: Introducing Priority Inbox

Google is rolling out a new beta feature for Gmail to manage bulk amounts of e-mail. This feature is know as "Priority Inbox". Priority Inbox...

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