After testing a preview version, Microsoft finally rolls out Skype integration to all users worldwide as of March 4.

Microsoft unveils a preview version of the Skype-integration available to users in select markets in April 2013. In August, the service arrived in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Brazil and at that time company promised to make it available worldwide for users in the summer of 2013, so the integration is coming with a significant time lag.

Users need to install a plugin to access Skype inside from and have to connect their Skype user with their Microsoft accounts so that they will switch from instant messaging or email to a Skype video call. The updated plugin, which is available for Windows with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, and also for Safari on Mac includes the fix to the call-ringing issue.

Skype officials said that the updated version of Skype plugin also facilitates HD video calling for PC users.


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