Google URL Shorten Service Gets an API

Google has taken a step to extend its URL Shortener platform, making it available for the third-party apps with the launch of the API. The...

Gmail: Introducing Priority Inbox

Google is rolling out a new beta feature for Gmail to manage bulk amounts of e-mail. This feature is know as "Priority Inbox". Priority Inbox...

Sign Into Multiple Google Accounts in the Same Browser

If you are using multiple Google accounts, you have to sign off before signing in to another Google account. Google is testing a new feature...

YouTube Increases Video Time Limit to 15 Minutes

Good news for all YouTube users who’s ever thought about the limit of video length that is just too short. Now YouTube announced that...

Google is launching an Artificial Intelligence research center in China

Google is launching a new Artificial Intelligence research center in China. Fei-Fei Li - the Chief Scientist AI/ML, Google Cloud, said in an official...

Google Chrome 4.0 release with Bookmark Sync

After the Firefox's latest beta, Google has also just released a new beta build of their Chrome web browser. Although still in development,...
Google Removes Chrome Extensions

Google Removes Chrome Extensions That Deliver Spam

Google recently removed two Chrome extensions from its web store after it was found that the integrated code were serving up ads in a...

Google Releases Stable Version of Chrome 8

Google has just unleashed a new stable version of its lightweight web browser Chrome 8. Google claims that more than 800 bugs are fixed in...

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