Google unveiled a new feature on their pages that shows the total number of profile, pages, posts and photo views on their pages.

You can see a new figure beneath the user’s profile image, just next to where the follower count is shown. It contains the aggregate number of views for their profile, posts, and photos since October 2012. Obviously, this is a move to confirm once and for all what the level of user engagement is like on Google+.

Google+ Profile Views

Of course, that figure will go up and down based on the number of followers you have, how frequently you publish and the level of popularity of your posts. However, it’s an essential statistic that could confirm the success or failure of the social network.

At last, it’s important to note that you can show or hide this figure at any time through your Google+ settings, by toggling check-box labeled “show how many times your profile and content have been viewed.”

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