Google+ Profile Views

Google+ now features page view counts to user profiles

Google unveiled a new feature on their pages that shows the total number of profile, pages, posts and photo views on their pages. You can...

GMail: Save Attachments to the Desktop via Drag-and-Drop

GMail has introduced a new feature that Save several e-mail attachments to your computer by drag-and-drop. If you are using Google Chrome, Hover your...
Gmail New Interface

Google may be testing new User Interface for Gmail website

Google is reported to unveil a new user interface for its ad supported free email service that, if correct, could indicate a major revamp....

Google Latitude Finally Available in the App Store for iPhone

Google Latitude for iPhone, which was available as a web app, is now available for the iPhone after a lengthy delay. Last week, Google Latitude...

Google introduce Bing-like Custom Background

Google Personalized Homepage Google has introduced a new feature yesterday (June 2, 2010) that allows users to upload a custom background from there Computer or...

Google Voice Users Can Now Export Voicemails, Phone Numbers and Texts

The search giant’s data export service, now allows Google Voice users to download all of their account data using Google Takeout service. “We believe that...

Google Gives AdSense a New Look

Google has just unleashed a new layout for its AdSense platform and it is available to all publishers globally. Last November Google announced that they...

Google Offers New YouTube Interface

The Search Engine Giant Google has make over YouTube interface with several new features that are more than superficial. On Thursday Google has announced on...

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