Google has introduced a brand new home for Hangouts on the web. Starting today, the messaging and video chat service is no longer covered within the Gmail and Google+.

Everyone wants to be stand-alone and free. Remember, when Facebook introduced Messenger website on the web that maybe people use, but we are not sure simply because they don’t discuss about it?

Google Hangouts’ three key features with simple shortcuts

You can go to to make a phone call or ping a friend. Google puts Hangouts’ three key features with simple shortcuts — video calls, instant messaging, and voice calls to start up each of them.

Hangouts have been getting a lot of attention from Google in the last couple of months. The Hangouts app has been redesigned on both Android devices and iOS devices, conveying it more up to date with Google’s Material Design style and making it more easier to use.

This really is a massive branding work out for Google. It wants to build highly effective and powerful brands to compete with other micro-products arriving out of Microsoft, Facebook, and Snapchat. Google has Hangouts and Photos, Facebook has Messenger and Instagram, and Snapchat is on its way with Stories.

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