Google Hangouts

Google has introduced a brand new home for Hangouts

Google has introduced a brand new home for Hangouts on the web. Starting today, the messaging and video chat service is no longer covered...

Enable the Default Web Apps in Chrome 8

Google has recently launched the newer version of Chrome, but the question is: where is the Web Store? Google announced that we have started to...

Google Web Designer: A First Look

The Search engine Giant, Google, unveils its new application for building interactive HTML sites and ads. The application is in beta stage and known...

Google release the Chrome Browser for Mac

The wait for Google Chrome for Mac users is finally over. Google has finally released the first official beta release of Google Chrome for...

Govt. Of Pakistan also ban Youtube Service after Facebook

ISLAMABAD: Govt Of Pakistan has blocked the most popular video sharing website "YouTube"  because of blasphemous and un-islamic content. As Facebook was banned due...

Google near certain to close China site

The world's largest search engine Google has made all necessary plan to close down its Chinese search engine, the Financial Times reports after...

Tablet Wars: Apple iSlate vs Google Tablet

An Apple iSlate vs Google Tablet battle might be about to start. Smarthouse, an Australian publication, reports that HTC is working in collaboration with...

Find Out What Google Knows About You with Google Dashboard

Google released a feature Google Dashboard recently that lets users see and control data that the Web giant has collected about them at a...

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