Install Google Chrome OS for Linux

There has been a lot of reports about Google Chrome OS which Google officially announced they have been working on. Since that time I...

Sign Into Multiple Google Accounts in the Same Browser

If you are using multiple Google accounts, you have to sign off before signing in to another Google account. Google is testing a new feature...

Will Google Buzz Change the Social Media Game?

Google Buzz Google held a press event to announce the most "buzzed" topic of the week - Google Buzz. This is Google's new product,...

Official Buzz Button Arrives

Finally Google decided to lunch official version of the Buzz Button. Now we don’t have to hack our own versions to create these...
Google Pixel 4 Device

Google ends Support for Original Pixel, and New Improvement in Pixel...

The November 2019 security patch for Google Pixel devices have just arrived, but it doesn’t include updates for original Pixel and Pixel...

Google Chrome URL bar no longer shows http://

The most recent developer version of Google’s Chrome browser has introduced a quiet, but appreciable change. When you see some text prefixed by...

Google Chrome 4.0 release with Bookmark Sync

After the Firefox's latest beta, Google has also just released a new beta build of their Chrome web browser. Although still in development,...

Google Latitude Finally Available in the App Store for iPhone

Google Latitude for iPhone, which was available as a web app, is now available for the iPhone after a lengthy delay. Last week, Google Latitude...

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