Google Removes Chrome Extensions

Google Removes Chrome Extensions That Deliver Spam

Google recently removed two Chrome extensions from its web store after it was found that the integrated code were serving up ads in a...
Gmail New Interface

Google may be testing new User Interface for Gmail website

Google is reported to unveil a new user interface for its ad supported free email service that, if correct, could indicate a major revamp....

Google launches Apps Store for business

Today at the Google’s Campfire One event at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View the Internet search giant is launching its new app store...

Google Caffeine Sandbox Closed, New Google Index Coming Soon

Google’s again in the news today as they closed the developers’ preview of their new search architecture known as Caffeine. Back in August, Google...

Google is launching an Artificial Intelligence research center in China

Google is launching a new Artificial Intelligence research center in China. Fei-Fei Li - the Chief Scientist AI/ML, Google Cloud, said in an official...

Google URL Shorten Service Gets an API

Google has taken a step to extend its URL Shortener platform, making it available for the third-party apps with the launch of the API. The...
Google Hangouts

Google has introduced a brand new home for Hangouts

Google has introduced a brand new home for Hangouts on the web. Starting today, the messaging and video chat service is no longer covered...
Priority Inbox for Mobile

Gmail Priority Inbox Now Available on Mobile Web

Google is launching its popular Priority Inbox feature for Mobile interface. Priority Inbox feature use an algorithm that choose the important e-mails and arrange them...

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