Google ChromeThe most recent developer version of Google’s Chrome browser has introduced a quiet, but appreciable change. When you see some text prefixed by “http://” you automatically know that what follows is a web address, as defined by the Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

Google has removed http:// prefix from the recent developer version of Chorme, and simply displaying a URL as “”. Here are some questions raised What happens in other cases for example where the scheme is https or FTP? For this reason, some individuals are actually reporting the feature as a bug.

A Web user comment on the Chromium wiki thread:

Many blogs, message boards, email viewing software, instant messaging software, etc. depend on matching against http:// to auto-link URLs. Removing http:// will train end-users to omit it, which will have a negative impact on usability all over the web.

There might be a great solution to add the ability to enable and disable this feature. This way, everyone’s happy, and there’s smiles all around.

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