Google Gives AdSense a New Look

Google has just unleashed a new layout for its AdSense platform and it is available to all publishers globally. Last November Google announced that they...

Skype Goes Down, Fix Coming Soon

Skype Goes Down Yes, it seems that Skype Service is down again. A number of Skype users are reported they are unable to log in...
Firefox 4

Firefox 4 Has Arrived

The long awaited Firefox 4 is now available for everyone after months of development. Firefox 4 comes with major changes such as Redesigned User Interface,...

Gmail: Introducing Priority Inbox

Google is rolling out a new beta feature for Gmail to manage bulk amounts of e-mail. This feature is know as "Priority Inbox". Priority Inbox...

YouTube Founders Acquire Delicious from Yahoo

Yahoo! On Wednesday sold the social bookmarking site “Delicious” to YouTube founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, who will fold it into a new...
iPhone Devices

Apple Confirmed: Your iPhone does get slower with age

"Is my iPhone getting slower?" is the question a lot of iPhone users ask whenever a new version is launched or they install a...

Firefox Lorentz Beta Released

Firefox fans, it’s here: The first beta of Firefox Lorentz beta has been released. Lorentz is Firefox version 3.6.3 with a much delight in...
Samsung 78910 Invitation

Samsung may be launching 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab on March 22?

Samsung may be launching 8.9 inch Galaxy Tab at a press event in Florida on March 22. The news comes from Company Official Facebook page...

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