How Did Climate Change in the Recent 30 Years?

How Did Climate Change

How Did Climate Change

We all are aware of the fact that Earth’s climate is rapidly changing. It has been changing ever since the Earth came into existence. NASA has enlightened us well about how in previous 650,000 years, there have been almost 7 cycles of glacial retreat and advance, then the sudden end of Ice Age 7,000 years ago. And from there, the beginning of human civilization and modern climate occurred. The changes in climate have been happening ever since but in recently they are becoming intense and evident referring to global warming, that has alarmed all of us. If you have a subscription to a quality Internet service or Cable TV deals such as Xfinity Bundle Deals, you must have been well informed about the said issue.

We all know that the planet Earth is warming up and it is happening from the North Pole to the South Pole. The average temperature has significantly raised to about 1.1 to 1.6 degrees in Fahrenheit. The changes in the temperature are even higher in the Polar Regions. The future signs of these recurrently rising temperatures are not so far-flung. There are a number of signs, that are appearing right now and this is exactly why we see all these campaigns by scientists and NGOs to make the general public aware of the imminent dangers of global warming and how we can contribute to reducing it.  The sea ice and glaciers are melting with the heat, precipitation patterns are shifting, and animals are moving. Let’s discuss the changes in detail.

Global Rise in Temperature:

Global Rise in Temperature

The average surface temperature of Earth has risen to about 1.1 degree Celsius(2.0 degrees Fahrenheit) since the 19th century. The change is brought because of high levels of carbon dioxide and other man-made emissions such has factory-smoke and others to the atmosphere. Most of the Global warming, that we listen to this hue and cry about, has happened only in the last 30-35 years. The planet has witnessed 16-17 warmest years that’s recorded since the year 2001. 2016 was the warmest year on the records and we are yet to see what changes are going to appear in the coming years.

Ice Sheets are Shrinking:

Ice Sheets are Shrinking

Global warming is disturbing the overall climate immensely. Theice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland are decreasing in their total mass. Greenland’s ice massis reduced up to 150-250 cubic kilometers of ice through the years 2002 to 2006 according to NASA. And Antarctica has lost around 152 cubic kilometers mass of ice between the years 2002 to 2005.

Other Unequivocal Scientific Evidence of Global Warming:

Some of the other changes that are happening worldwide due to Global Warming are as follows:

  • The rising temperatures have impacted plenty of species, for instance, Adélie penguinsin Antarctica. In mere 30 years, their breeding pairs have reduced from 32,000 to 11,000
  • Over the period of last century, the sea levels have been rising quickly.
  • Some species of Butterflies, Foxes, and even Alpine floras have moved to higher Northern areas or other cooler regions for their survival.
  • Precipitation, snowfall, and rain have essentially increased on average across the globe.
  • Due to the 20 long warm years in Alaska, some hostile species are now thriving. One instance is Spruce bark beetle. These invasive insects have chewed up around 4 million vast acres of the beautiful spruce trees.
  • By the end of the current century, Sea levels are predicted to rise to about 18 to 59 centimeters. The continuous melting of ice sheets on the poles will add around 10 to 20 centimeters to the water level.
  • Storms and hurricanes are expected to become violent and stronger.
  • Droughts and floods will become common, droughts in Ethiopia are already common, but over next 50 years, rainfall is going to decline by around 10 percent.
  • The availability of fresh water will be reduced. If Peru’s Quelccaya Ice Cap keeps melting at the current rate, it will be all gone by the year 2100. And this will leave thousands of people deprived of the drinking water that are currently relying on it. Electricity will also be affected that is being produced by it.
  • Certain diseases such as Malaria (mosquito-borne) will spread. Zika virus has already resurged in 2016. Ecosystems will essentially change. Only those species will thrive that will make successful migrations as per the suitable climate, while others will go extinct.
  • According to Wildlife researchers, Polar bears are becoming skinnier because of lesser ice and lesser fish. It is expected that with ice disappearing, polar bears will decline too.

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