The iPhone lovers all over the world want the device to be extra wide to grab the attention of others as well as to offer the sleek and elegant device in their hand. However, there are no official announcements that can prove to be a fact to satisfy this rumor. But, the top notch analysts from the different companies including Cowen and Company suggest that if Apple want to keep its market share up, mainly after the strong tackle attack from the android market, it has to make its screen size wider than just 5 inches after the faded response for, so called, ultimate iPhone 5 series

According to the rumors prevailing in the global market, the Apple need to extend the screen size to 6 inches or so that it can integrates many other features that are in the developmental phase inside the Apple headquarter. The experts from china also verify the analysis and description that the larger screen size is in great demand as compared to small screen size of 4.7 inches or even 5 inch. The people will be much glad to get their favorite apple device with a larger screen to be used as the tablet, instead of a Smartphone.

Apple iPhone 6

The other rumors in the market describe that the iPhone 6 might be loaded with advanced LTPS LCD screen. This was the same technology that was integrated in the modern iPhone 5s model and was liked by many of its clients. Also, the Apple is on the way to release the new features in the market with excellent new device interface combining, touch, voice command and gesture recognition together, that too, with more than 90% accuracy and counting. For this, the screen of Apple iPhone 6 must be large enough to accommodate this awesome futuristic technology. This is the key fact for supporting the analysis portraying upcoming iPhone 6 with larger screen size.

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