Most awaited Apple’s iPhone 4S is reportedly facing some battery issue.

Many people have posted their complaints for the new iPhone on Apple’s official discussions forums; they are writing that the battery life of the iPhone 4S is very poor and drains quickly, even when their phones are on standby mode. The thread started on October 15 and was still active with 197 pages and 2,947 Replies.

iPhone 4S

“My iPhone 4s battery seems terrible!” one person posted on the forum.

“I’m always experiencing a 10-15% drop per hour. I unplugged my phone this morning at 8:20 and it’s now 12:15 and my battery is on 53%. I have almost everything turned off that you possibly can.”

According to Apple’s iPhone 4S official specs, the iPhone 4S have extended battery life for up to 6 hours of Internet usage, 8 hours of talk time , 10 hours of video playback and 200 hours on standby. (These activities are on a 3G connection — wireless and 2G have different configuration).

But still Apple’s Officials has not given response of this issue and still unclear whether the company acknowledges there’s a battery problem; we think they are investigating about this serious issue. Let us know what you think about Apple’s iPhone 4S Battery issue in the comments!

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