How to Use Microsoft Cortana with High-Speed Internet

How to Use Microsoft Cortana

If you are in the Charter Internet Service Area, you are lucky and you can do the most amazing things with your Windows 10 with the blazing Internet speed that you are going to get.

How to Use Microsoft Cortana?

A steady subscription to one of the best Internet Providers, one that essentially provides high-speed Internet and has no fluctuations and lag, has so many perks. For instance, discovering the new features of you new fancy gadget or your new Windows 10, becomes fun with a subscription to a high-performance Internet service. So, if you are in the Spectrum Service Area, you are lucky. You can discover the amazing features of your Windows 10, with a blazing-fast Internet Speed. One of the best features that Windows 10 has recently added is Cortana.

What Exactly is Cortana:

What Exactly is Cortana

Cortana is a Digital Agent and Virtual Assistant (voice-activated). And it’s a She so, she is at your service to aid in getting things done.

Using more of Cortana, makes your experience more personalized. It is available for both Smartphones as well as all other Windows devices. It even works pretty well in your favorite Apple iPhone.

How to start it? Just type a question in its Search Box, select Microphone and there you are, all set to talk to Cortana. If you have a Desktop or a Laptop, you essentially need a Mic to talk.

You can go to the task bar and select search bar to see suggestions. In the aforementioned image, number is for Home, number 2 for Notebook, number 3 is Settings and 4 is for Feedback.


  • Cortana can help you with setting reminders (about places, meetings, people etc.)
  • It can help you find answers to your questions using the search engine Bing. The questions can be about weather, sport scores, traffic conditions, biographies, etc.
  • Without the necessary requirement of input through keyboard, it can recognize your natural voice.
  • It can track teams, packages, flights and interests.
  • It can send texts and emails.
  • Helps you manage calendar and also aids you to stay up to date.
  • Manage and create lists.
  • Makes you play games and do chit chat.
  • Provides you the ease to open up any Application on the system.
  • It has a mode called Do Not Disturb, which gives you the liberty to specify the ‘quiet hours’.
  • Users have the freedom to change settings, and be called by Cortana with their nicknames or names.

Cortana VS Siri:

There are major differences and also similarities between Cortana and Siri. Both are enabled to bring web information to answer our question that may relate to weather forecasts, traffic, and sports-scores etc., yet, since Siri is directly stitched into the iOS of iPhone, it is capable of performing tasks on a single touch of a button and that’s the Home Button.

Functions like dialing phone numbers, sending emails or text messages and turning the Bluetooth on, can be done by Siri only.

Yet Cortana is capable of doing things that Siri is currently cannot. All you have to do is to groom and personalize the App more and more, to get the best benefits. That’s essentially because this Microsoft-run virtual assistant maintains a steady list of its users’ preferences, and that is exactly what it calls ‘notebook’. It completely ensures that it is providing the right and relevant information, that is required by the user.

So, for instance, just tell Cortana about where you exactly live, and it will conveniently display the weather forecast every time you open Cortana.

We expect a lot of improvement and more amazing features from Cortana and we look forward to its further development.

All you need is a high-speed and high-performance Internet Service Provider to help you avail the full advantage of this amazing virtual assistant that you have. So, check out the incredible Spectrum Internet Services to get hold of one of the best Internet service in town and that too at the most economical pricing schedules.

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