Windows receives visual updates regularly, with constantly changing Recycling bins, Start menu designs, Task Bar icons, and other popular elements that PC users see continually changing every day. However, Microsoft has many less-noticed visual cues that haven’t changed since Windows 95.

Microsoft is giving Windows 10 a fresh coat of paint since it first released and changed a lot of apps, folders, and settings in the last few preview builds with more colorful and fluent icons. We’ve now noticed new improvements from the Windows 95 era in the latest preview build.

Windows 10 Sun Valley update to improve design consistency

The redesign is part of a significant visual update of Windows 10 codenamed “Sun Valley” scheduled for October, which the software giant made available to developers this week as a preview. We saw plenty of new system icons in March, including a new Folder, Disc Drive, File Explorer, Recycle Bin, and many others.

Windows Latest has spotted new icons for Windows 10, including hibernation mode, floppy disk, networking, memory as a component of the shell32 file.

This DLL file is a vital component of the Windows Shell, used to display icons in several sections and dialog boxes in the OS. It’s also one of the biggest reasons why icons have been so inappropriate in Windows. Microsoft has frequently overhauled other sections of the operating system to have an outdated app throw you into a dialog box of Windows 95-era icons from dll.

However, there are a few icons that still need to be updated. For example, the preview is still using the traditional tree icon for WinDirStat, a Disk Cleanup and Usage Statistics, and they will likely be changed before the Sun Valley update launch.

New Features will change your Windows 10 Desktop Experience.

The desktop may look very different from the current version of Windows 10, with Fluent Design features, rounded corners, an authentic dark mode experience, and other features.

In the upcoming version of Windows 10, the Company is also thinking of a floating interface for the Start Menu, flyouts, taskbar jump list menu, and Action Center.

The Company may discuss Sun Valley further at Microsoft’s Build conference following this month or as a piece of a dedicated Windows newsgathering.

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