A slow mac can sometimes mean that your system needs a cleanup. When you just started using your mac you might have noticed how fast the processing speed was. As time went on, you realize that it is beginning to slow down. This is because its movement is now restricted and you might end up needing a mac cleaner app. Information and files were stored on the computer and then one day you might get up and faced with the reality that your mac is not operating up to speed.

Here are a number of things you can do to improve the performance of your mac:

1. Delete email Downloads

Attachment in your email messages are automatically downloaded to your computer whenever you have to double click to open. These are stored on your mac without you ever having the need to review it most of the times. These files do take up space however and are contributors to your mac moving at snail’s pace. These files generally go unnoticed because they are generally small. They do accumulate over time however to create a hefty amount. These files you can easily delete manually in order to free up space.

2. Removing duplicates

Your iTunes library might have a lot of duplicates if you choose to look closely. You might notice that songs in one particular album might naturally occur in another. Your mac allows you to utilize the built in duplicate finder and remove all the files that occur more than once. This will help you to create more space on your mac. Your disk might also have duplicate files stored and these you can remove with a variety of software programs.

3. Remove log files

Macs stores plenty log files. These will overtime prove meaningless as you will have no need to go through them. Most of these files can be removed without that action causing an impact on the overall performance of your mac computer. There are software programs available that will allow you to select which log files are suitable for deleting. Using software makes the process easier as they will detect the right ones to get rid of.

4. Cleanup desktop

A desktop that is filled with clutter can cause your mac to run slower. Cleaning your desktop has a number of benefits as it will remove confusion when trying got find files that are stored there and will also allow maximum overall output in your mac’s performance.

5. Removing Application

Certain Application has a tendency to take up far more space than others. If you have a number of applications that you downloaded to your mac but don’t really use, maybe it is time to get rid of them. Applications can slow down your mac, especially those that start while your mac is booting. If you have a number of apps that starts up when you are booting, this will lengthen the time it takes for your mac to start. A cleanup of your applications can help you to get more out of your computer easily.

6. Cleanup hard drive

Cleaning your hard drive is one of the most significant factors when you are considering cleaning your mac to optimize its performance. Erase all files that are stored on the computer but area not been used or they have been deemed unnecessary.

Cleaning up your mac can require undertaking a few simple techniques such as removing files from your computer that you no longer need. There are also other times when you will need particular software to help you with the process.

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