Regardless of the size and nature of a business, it is important for every business owner to keep on top of all accounting affairs. If you’re the owner of a small business who wishes to abide by all of the relevant regulations and procedures, your business must produce regular reports showing its financial health. A small business, however, has a specific set of needs that are different from larger businesses and so they require a dedicated accounting software package to address its needs and make life easier. We have compiled some of the best accounting software that is available for small businesses – read on to find out which option would be best suited to your business requirements.

Big Red Book

Big Red Book is an Irish accounting software package that is perfectly suited to small businesses, especially those businesses that are migrating from a manual booking system to computerised book-keeping. Based on the big red books which were used by small businesses prior to the advent of computerised accounts, this accounting software allows you to record your sales, purchases, record your cash and bank receipts as well as produce various financial reports. The software also has the ability to run a payroll system for you and most importantly, it is easy to use with plenty of customer support should you require it.


Quickbooks is one of the most popular accounting software packages on the market for small businesses today. It is an ideal accounting software package for small businesses that are growing incrementally as it provides basic accounting capabilities which can be customised and adapted as a business grows and its requirements change. Add-ons to the software are available which will allow your small business to carry out additional accounting functions. Quickbooks can manage all accounting related tasks and is extremely user-friendly.

Sage One

Sage is known for its high quality accounting packages that are used by businesses all over the world. The Sage One software is particularly designed to meet the needs of small businesses and is an easy to use package that is simple to set up and offers full support to its users. It allows small businesses to simultaneously manage a range of projects, track tasks as well as accepting payments by integrating with the business’s point-of-sale system.

TAS Firstbooks

TAS Firstbooks is part of the Sage family of accounting software packages and is ideally suited to small businesses for a number of different reasons. This software package allows small businesses to successfully manage all their business accounts while also providing the functionality to enable users to analyse their sales and profit levels. It is simple to use and allows business owners to record transactions, manage VAT and produce invoices. You can keep track of the overall performance of your business quickly and easily with this straightforward software package.

Choosing an accounting software package is an important task and the pros and cons of each software package must be weighed up carefully. The correct accounting software for your small business will ensure that you have the most efficient way of managing your business’ finances, ensuring growth and success in the long-term.

Regardless of what type of software you use, nothing can compete with hiring the services of a quality accountant.

This blog post was contributed by Aardvark Accountancy Services – a quality accountancy firm based in Dublin, Ireland.

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