Monday, March 27, 2017


Priority Inbox for Mobile

Google is launching its popular Priority Inbox feature for Mobile interface. Priority Inbox feature use an algorithm that choose the important e-mails and arrange them...


Best Video Editing Apps for iOS and Android

People love to capture photos and videos through their iOS and Android Smartphones. These come with their own video editing apps which gives you...
Nokia X Dual SIM Multi-Colors Smartphone

Barcelona - Today at Mobile World Congress, Nokia has amazed everyone by unveiling the 3 Android-powered Nokia X Smartphones, the X, X+, and XL. Nokia...




YouTube Go
Google has released a beta version of YouTube Go, a new YouTube app for Android Devices that allow users to save YouTube Videos for...

Skype for Linux Alpha
Great news for Skype Users, The moment Linux users have been waiting for within the last few years has finally arrived: Microsoft has released...

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Repair a Damaged Roof

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Anatomy of a Tech Startup Team

Infographic brought to you by Wrike free online project management tools.