Google has released a beta version of YouTube Go, a new YouTube app for Android Devices that allow users to save YouTube Videos for offline viewing and sharing them with Friends.

Announced in September 2016 on its  18th birthday, the YouTube Go app offers the ability to View and share the videos without requiring a data connection.

The YouTube Go app is very light and carries 8.5MB of storage, but that doesn’t mean it will not take more space in your smartphone, once you start to download the videos to watch them offline. You have an option to download the video either on Phone memory or a MicroSD card.

The beta version of app offers two video qualities, namely Basic Quality and Standard Quality – around 144p and 360p – no HD quality available. This makes sense as YouTube Go will target users with low bandwidth.

The video transfer will use Bluetooth technology, so the app users can transfer the videos that they have downloaded. However, after the successful video transfer, the receiver need to connect to the data/internet to perform a small 15KB security check on the transferred file.

The YouTube Go app is already available in the Play Store, but may not be available in all countries. However, users are welcome to try it out through the Google Play Store.

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