Roofing shingles are now accessible in a variety of materials to satisfy different customer’s needs. Every material has its own unique characteristic and appearance. It is wise to choose the material that best suits the weather conditions in your area. If you have an artistic mind you can give preference to its demeanour. This article will elaborate five different types of roofing shingles for you to choose from.

  1. Tile Shingles

Tile roofing shingles are the oldest kind. They are made by pouring clay, concrete or rubber into the moulds. Expensive as they are, tile shingles last longer than other shingles. They are often heavy so your roof may need extra support to support them. They are resistant to harsh weather conditions, but needs care at handling because of their fragility. Additionally, extra care is required to install these shingles else you may damage them easily. I would recommend hiring a licensed roofing contractor for the job. The experts can get this job done easily. Most contractors even provide free roof inspection annually before you order their services.

Tile Shingles
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2. Asphalt Shingles

These are the most commonly used shingles nowadays. Their base is either made of paper or fiberglass. Asphalt infused in the base enhances its weather proofing capability. Inexpensive and light-weight, Asphalt shingles come in either 3-tab or laminated form. 3-tab shingles are standard thin sheets made out of tar or cement for easy installation. The laminated shingles are formed by stacking the regular 3-tab shingles in such a way that they appear in 3d. The asphalt shingles overall, are simple to install.

Asphalt Shingles
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3. Wood Shingles

Wooden roofs are normally made from Cedar or Redwood. The irregular edges and curves depict the rustic nature of house. The weather tends to cause fading in the wood, so their life expectancy is low, but they offer effortless installation and are environment friendly. In some areas, wooden roofs are not allowed unless they are made fire resistant.

Wood Shingles
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4. Metal Shingles

Metal roofing can be made of steel, aluminum or copper materials. Its correct installation make it last long like asphalt shingles. Unlike asphalt shingles, the metal shingles are cheaper. These shingles are resistant to oxidization and corrosion, however hail can cause dents in its sheets. To prevent this problem, some metal shingles are covered with granulated stone coating. Copper shingles provide the best durability, because of its chemical properties. Metal shingles are easy to repair.

Metal Shingles
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5. Slate Shingles

Natural rock deposits are cut and shaped to produce these shingles and they come in a variety of colors. Slate shingles are same as tile shingles in weight and complex installation. But they render better durability, because of their excellent resistance to water. But once they are damaged, their repairing needs a flashing sum of money.

Slate Shingles
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