The first RC version of the WordPress 3.1 has been released and available for download.

As you know Release Candidate comes after Beta testing and before the final release. That means WordPress team thinks there is no known issue or bug in this RC and ready for final release.

More than 30 million people are using WordPress as a CMS system or blog.

According to WordPress team:

We have closed nearly 700 tickets with tons of changes. Theme and Plugin authors, please check your provided stuff. If there is any compatibility issue, we can fix it before the final release.

If you are testing the WordPress 3.1 RC 1 and found any bugs, Please contact WordPress team in any of listed method on the Release Candidate Page.

If you want to try out you can download it, Just click on the Download now button.

Download Now

Please remember, don’t install the WordPress 3.1 RC1 on your live site.


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