A new and advanced Trojan “Geinimi” has been found in Android devices. It has discovered by a Mobile Security Firm “Lookout”.

It’s Possible that Geinimi is the most complicated piece of Android malware. It has the ability to send your personal information to a remote computer without your permission and get commands from the remote computer, which allow the owner to control your Android Phone.

The detail description of Geinimi can do sound horrible: It can send your device identifiers number such as IMSI or IMEI, location, the list of installed apps and prompt user to install or uninstall apps.

Lookout reports that the Geinimi is found only in the third-party Chinese app store. The official Android marketplace is the best and safest option to download an app.

If you want to install an app that is provided by a third-party, make sure it’s safe.

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