Microsoft Invention: Lets You Insert Batteries in Any Direction

Basically battery come with two terminals Positive (+) and Negative (-). In order for it work, they need to go in the right position....

Skype Goes Down, Fix Coming Soon

Skype Goes Down Yes, it seems that Skype Service is down again. A number of Skype users are reported they are unable to log in...
Google White Nexus S

Google Nexus S Appears in White

The world’s first Android Gingerbread 2.3 Smartphone will probably be available in white color. Now the future customers of Google/Samsung Nexus S Smartphone have another...

Happy Birthday, Firefox

Today Firefox celebrates its 6th Birthday. It was launched on 9th November 2004 as an open source and lightweight web browser.  It is the...

Nokia N8 faces power problem

The world's largest and leading Cell Phone Maker Company, Nokia, confirms that Some N8 Smartphone’s faces power problem that makes power off all by...

Full HD Video Calls and Facebook Integration in New Skype For...

Microsoft released an update for Skype for Windows (v 5.8) that brings several new and amazing features including Group Screen Sharing, HD Web Calls...

Sony Retires the Cassette Walkman After 30 Years

Sony has stop manufacturing and distribution it’s another dignified technology which is the portable and first low-cost music player called "The Cassette Walkman". According to...

Google Gives AdSense a New Look

Google has just unleashed a new layout for its AdSense platform and it is available to all publishers globally. Last November Google announced that they...

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