Managing data can be a pain. With all the ever changing file systems, cloud services, and potential viruses that threaten your access to hard drive data files, it is sometimes a nightmare trying to find your data and keep it where it should be. However, many of these problems are solved through the use of the EaseUS Partition Master software. Data can be rearranged, categorized, and protected through the use of this amazing free partition manager program. This article has been written to showcase why this free partition software is so great and what it can do for the average computer user. So, to help out PC users everywhere, here are the top five reasons to use the EaseUS Partition Master on your hard drive.

Free Partition Manager

#1: The software is available both 32 bit and 64 bit systems

Whether you are running a 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows, this system can handle it. Because multiple CPU systems can be accommodated, this application will run faster than if you simply used a 32 bit system on both. Some other partition programs do not offer this and only allow users to have a 32 bit version of the program, increasing inefficiency. If you want to resize a partition in Windows 7, it is even easier with this program because of the built in support system for this OS.

#2: Data can be separated to prevent mishaps

If you have one set of files that are your vacation pictures and another that contains all of your financial documents, it would not be a good idea to keep them together. The reason for this is that if a virus were to bring down one of your partitions then it would not be able to affect both your vacation pictures and your financial documents. By separating your files into different partitions, the likelihood that any one important set of folders will be brought down is far more likely than if all the files were kept together.

#3: Lost partitions can be recovered using the Partition Recovery Wizard

If you have been affected by a virus, then it will be beneficial to have this program for this purpose as well. A lost partition can be cleaned and recovered by the Partition Recovery Wizard and prevent total loss of your data in that partition. This will help prevent those terrifying moments when you think your entire computer has gone down. With this free partition software, you will be able to have assurance that your data is recoverable.

#4: An entire hard disk can be copied without reinstalling windows

Hard disks are the ultimate way to keep data together. But, sometimes hard drives fail and it is best to plan for these contingencies. By copying your hard drive, you will be able to have the entire set of personal data saved and available for restoration at the press of a button.

#5: Multiple partitions can be merged into one without data loss

By doing this, your data can be conserved into new and better ways of organization. If before you had a lot of small partitions containing different files, you will be able to merge them into more coherent entities. This action can be performed with total confidence in the safety of your data.

We hope you enjoyed this article and look forward to seeing you have a great time relaxing while having your files be safe from harm because of this amazing free partition software!

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