Microsoft has introduced a new approach for the developers to search and place code snippet in their apps. Today, the Company unveiled the intro of the Bing Code Search extension for Visual Studio, which delivers an engaging among the Bing, Microsoft Research and Visual Studio.

Bing’s official blog claims developers can use Bing Code Search extension to search for sample codes from a variety of web-based archives such as MSDN (Microsft own network), including Dotnetperls, CSharp411, and StackOverflow.

Behind the scenes, Bing uses signals and metadata which includes the type of the project, contextual pieces (e.g. VB compiler or C#) and a few other sprinkles of Microsoft Research magic to provide related sample codes straight into the Visual Studio. With a few mouse clicks, you’ve a couple of code snippets for examine and will be copied directly into the Visual Studio without losing a beat.

It is the company’s most up-to-date effort to include Bing features in their other products. You can grab the extension from the Visual Studio directory here.


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