It’s time to put on your sun cream and top up your tan the summer is finally here! There is nothing better than the smell of a barbecue floating in the air, while you sit back and relax with an ice cold drink. One crucial factor to having the perfect summer is not just the friends & family you share it with, it’s the music you all listen too.

Music and summer go hand in hand together. Everyone has their own summer anthem that brings back fond memories of fun and frolics in the sun. The summer season also sees the masses flock to many music festivals across the world. Festivals are a great place to see your favourite bands &artists and also discover new ones. For many people festivals are the highlight of there year with the music been the main focus. Sadly not everyone has the time to make it to a festival so they bring the festival to their own homes instead.

Summer is the time of the year where you will have your friends and family around to have some food and drinks in your garden. This therefore means that the tunes will also be flowing. One important factor to ensure everyone is entertained is having some good quality wireless speakers available at Superfi. They are great for providing good quality loud sound without taking up much room, meaning more space on the table for your hotdog. They are also easily transportable meaning you can take them with you anywhere you go. You can also get portable ones that don’t require a mains plug in therefore making them perfect for locations such as the park.

Wireless Speakers

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So you have the speakers sorted but they would be useless without anything to play the music on. One great way to have your entire music collection at the touch of a button is by using an IPod dock available at Superfi. This is a great way to make summer playlists and include something for everyone to enjoy. This also means you can take songs requests off your friends & family making you the house DJ! You can also buy portable ones meaning you can have your favourite music on the go.

IPod Dock

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Summer wouldn’t be the same without music and it is therefore imperative that you include it. Having the perfect music setup can take an average day and turn it into something special. It will ensure that you have all the key ingredients to have a truly special summer.

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