The Search engine Giant, Google, unveils its new application for building interactive HTML sites and ads. The application is in beta stage and known as Google Web Designer.

You can build beautiful and stunning HTML5 content with ease with this application. The company says that the application is for creating “professional-quality design” and allows advertisers to easily create HTML5 ads and campaigns for Desktop and Mobile accessible to everyone from the designer to the Photoshop dabbler.

[richvideo width=”620″ height=”400″ url=”” uniqueid=”gwebdesignerPreview” title=’Google Web Designer: A First Look’ detail=’Google unveils its new  beta application for building interactive HTML sites and ads known as Google Web Designer.’]

While this ad reputation stands apart through across Web Designer (the standard templates are for AdMob mobile and DoubleClick rich media ads), there is nothing in the application that would prevent you from developing interactive websites and animations for other purposes, too. Some of the features, however, are currently only available for ads. Google says it plans to extend this application for other uses in the future.

At its core, Web Designer is a visual application, but you can also explore right into the CSS and JavaScript to fine-tune different element. Without a doubt, Web Designer allows you to adjust all of the code instantly from a built-in editor and permits you quickly sneak peek your works of art in every browser you have installed on your computer.

The application includes all the typical visual design tools you are probably comfortable with. The more exciting one company has developed for Web Designer include a pen tool for free illustrating, and a time-line for handling your animations. You can also create 3D content using the CSS3, and a set of pre-built elements for maps, galleries, and YouTube embedded videos.

For animation, one of the main characteristics of the application is a Speedy mode for developing animation scene by scene and an advanced method that gives user more command over every single element on the page.

It’s important to note that projects like Reflow, Adobe Muse, Adobe Edge Animate, Apple’s iAd Producer , Tumult Hype, Sensha Animator and others consist of most of Web Designer’s capabilities, as well. But by making Web Designer available for absolutely free, the company is investing quite a bit of pressure on the competitors in this environment.

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