Google revealed a new look today for Google Search results on mobile, which provides the sites a new way to display personal branding rather than looking similar to every search result.

The website branding will facilitate web searchers to know from which source the information is coming. Like an official website or a reputed news publication.

Google Search new look on mobile devices

The name or url of the website and its icon features at the top of the results card, followed by page title and the description. Before this update, the page title showcase at the top, followed by URL, and the page description.

The update also changes the way Google Search ads appear. Before, the word “Ad” show in a small green bordered box before the source link. Now, it replaces with a bold black text where the website icon will display and no longer has a green bordered box. So, It makes search results a bit less noticeable that the top result is an ad.

Google also working to bring some more features to the mobile search in the coming months, announced in Google I/O Session. It includes augmented reality (AR), as well as improved news coverage and support for podcast search. This update will bring an ability to listen the link content within the search results page, and tools to save the podcast to play later.

You’ll need to add a tag to the header with specific syntax. Website publishers and owners that want to customize their icon for the Google Search result can do so here. There is no such information on when the desktop users get a similar design.


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