Twitter rolls out a brand new look of the user profile and start rolling out from today.

The new design overhaul gives Twitter user a much larger profile picture and a customized header image as well as highlights your tweets that earned more attention than usual by making the font size slightly bigger than the rest. You can also select one of your favorite tweet and pin it to the top of your profile page.

Twitter New Profile Look

Even so, this pinned tweet is pressed down the pecking order with any new tweet you send. So it’s not a changeless decoration on your user profile page, if you do not frequently re-pin it or, nicely, never send any new tweets.

Twitter Pin your Tweet

The new Twitter’s user profile page is more similar to the Facebook’s profile page. There’s a rectangle profile picture in the top left, and a large “cover” image on top dominates both pages, for example. Beneath the profile photograph you will see the basic information about the user, and under that is friends and photos.

The main real distinction there is that on user profile page, photos are positioned beneath your followers, and Facebook has it the other way around. It’ll be fascinating to check out what the users think about the new design — particularly those that are not too much attached to Facebook.

The new profile page is now available for a selective number of existing users as well as for those who new to Twitter. It will be available for all users in the next upcoming weeks.

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