The Social Networking website “Facebook” is rolling out a major upgrade to its mobile interface.

Currently, Facebook has two mobile websites:, designed for feature phone with a touch interface and is for high-end smartphones with touch screens.

The social network says, we are facing complication in maintaining all platforms which creates major difficulty for developer when they come to innovate a new feature. This complication forced the company to create new features for multiple code bases.

Facebook will be combining its mobile presence on Facebook’s Lee Byron said in an official announcement.

There will no longer be a difference between and We’ll automatically serve you the best version of the site for your device.

Facebook’s mobile chief, Erick Tseng says these changes should not only provide more compatible mobile user interface, but it will make it easier for Facebook to roll out new features.

Facebook Mobile Interface

Users may see several changes to the Facebook mobile interface, depending on what device they are using to see Facebook. The new framework has an ability to know when to distribute touch screen interface finished with CSS3 and HTML5.

The new mobile interface is setup using a new user interface framework that uses Javelin (Facebook’s lightweight Javascript framework), XHP (a PHP extension that incorporates XML) and WURFL (a mobile device database – open source).

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