Samsung’s latest smartphone has already proved to be more popular than its predecessor and has sold almost 10 million units worldwide since the S4 was released. As more and more of us get our hands on the new Galaxy, app developers across the world will be working hard to come up with the next big idea or smash hit game that will see us downloading in our droves. Before you decide to beef up your mobile with all sorts of time consuming and entertaining apps, I have put together a brief guide to some of the best apps out there to help get you and your new phone off to the right start.

Google Chrome

Google ChromeIf your phone doesn’t come with a Google Chrome web browser already installed, make sure to download it as Chrome is the best browser for Android phones. The browser syncs up bookmarks and other preferences from your Google account across your desktop and any other devices you might have. Browsing is quick and easy with Chrome, providing you with helpful internet access wherever you can find Wi-Fi.


FlayvrFlayvr is a photo gallery replacement app that organises all your photos and videos for you. The app sorts them based on time, and you can create and manage a variety of albums which feature both photos and videos in the same stream. You can also share your albums with others, allowing friends and family to enjoy some of your favourite memories.


PlumeAn alternative to the Twitter app, Plume allows you to stay up to date with tweets and supports multiple accounts simultaneously. The app can also sync with your Facebook account giving you the ability to monitor multiple social media feeds at once!


1weather1Weather is one of the highest rated weather apps available for android and features a simple interface that provides real-time local weather forecasts wherever you are in the world. Users are provided with hourly forecasts and precipitation information, and the app will always specify your location you in order to give up to date weather information when you’re out and about.


ViberThis is a great app for people who have a lot of friends living abroad as it lets you call, text and picture message anyone in the world for free using Wi-Fi or your phone’s data connection. Viber gives you the ability to have conversations with up to 40 people at once and even supports HD sound quality, meaning wherever your friends are in the world you will able to hear them loud and clear.

Downloading the best apps will help improve user experience, but don’t forget to protect your new handset from the thrills and spill of daily life with a protective case. Accidents do happen and securing your phone with a stylish case will put your mind at ease whilst you enjoy all the latest features and apps the Galaxy S4 has to offer.

Thanks to Les from The Snugg for sending in this post. You can check out The Snugg’s Galaxy S4 cases online.

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  1. Hehehe.. I have only Google Chrome.. No need to replace galary style.. Galaxy S4 galary is good and easy to navigate and also can be changed into three different style. Viber one should install. But accweatherinfo installed app is good for weathers. No need to replace that too


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