Betaworks, the company that acquired the News aggregator Digg, has unveiled the first images of the and promised to release the first version on August 1.

Betaworks has published the first images of what the new version of Digg will look like hours ago. Now the Visitors will see large images, bold, crisp headlines and a more roomy layout in place of simple text links and vote counts.

Digg v1 will also eliminate the “Diggbar” from the new design and reverting “Newsroom” back to its original name “Upcoming”. The new version of Digg based on three views: Top Stories, Popular and Upcoming.

Digg v1 will not have the commenting system; however, the development team at Betaworks will be performing some experiments in commenting and will be enable at later date.

Overall, the new layout and features look promising, and honestly, we really like it. We are excited and waiting for the release of Digg v1.

What about you? Are you excited to see New Digg? Let us know in Comments

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