5 Best Android Games to Play in 2018

Best Android Games

Best Android Games

It is 2018 and we have already spent a quarter of the year with our favorite Smartphones in our pockets spending our leisure time doing our favorite things. While we use hundreds of apps in our day to day life on our devices, games are one of the best pastimes on our devices. We almost spend hours staring at the game screens.

Over the last couple of years, Gaming on mobile has improved at a tremendous rate. VR has entered into the gaming industry opening the doors for real-world games like Pokemon GO.

They are getting, even more, better and best overtime and we may see the more new title in near future. But for now here are some of the best Gaming titles that are available for Android users right now in 2018.

Most of you can’t resist your fingers from playing these games!

Best Android Games In 2018!

There are thousands of games available on PlayStore to try, but only a handful of games impress users with their all-round performance. Here are those handful of game titles that are the best of 2018.

Please note that these games are not for devices with low hardware. They consume more resources like RAM and memory. So you can get a better experience of these games on high-end devices. If you own a budget device with limited features, don’t worry you can still play some cool Android games with high-end visuals and consume low memory.

Best Android Games Under 10 MB With High-End Visuals

So if you own a powerful device than try the below games and play them seamlessly.

1) Pokemon GO:

Pokemon GO which was launched in mid-2016 has set new standards in Gaming on mobile. It becomes an instant success just like the original Pokemon show. It opened doors for real-world gaming where you can play the game just like the characters in the Pokemon show.

So far the game has been downloaded over 100 Million times and is still one of the most popular game on Android PlayStore.

Even though it is an old game it is still worth mentioning as the game is being updated with new Characters and features. It has come a long way ever since its launch in 2016 and it is not the same game you’ve seen in the long back.

If you left the game long back then you should try this AR game right now and check out the latest additions to the game.

2) The Room Three:

This is an adventure game filled with mysteries. You need a clever mind to play this mysterious puzzle game. Clearly, this game is not for everyone out there who give up playing the games if they couldn’t solve the game puzzle.

If you are serious about solving some serious puzzles and mysteries then this game will definitely entertain you to the best level.

With its rich atmosphere and clever puzzles, The Room Three is engrossing and hard to put down. It gives you A brilliant, uniquely tactile experience packed with incredible puzzles.

It is a premium game and you have to pay a onetime fee to unlock the mysteries. If you love solving mysteries then it is worth paying for the game.

If you don’t want to solve hard puzzles then please refrain from playing this game as this is not everyone’s cup of tea.

3) Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft:

Remember Duel Masters animation show? This game theme is pretty much similar to the show theme. This is a card game with some magical experience. Players have to collect cards, build decks and then fight with other players in a one on one fights. It is an online game where you a duel with existing players. There are also some offline game modes available. You can chant magical spells and charms to defeat your opponents with cunning strategies. One can easily take advantage of card types over others.

You can also win awesome prizes by defeating other players and topping the leaderboards.

If you wanna try something new, you can invest your time in playing this magical card game.

4) VainGlory 5v5:

VainGlory is a perfect MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) crafted with excellent graphics and stunning visuals. The game mechanics and design will surely impress every game lover. The game is a MOBA where in you can join and fight the battle with several other online players.

Even more interesting thing is that you can play the game together or against other players or computer bots. It gives you a true MOBA experience on Android device.

You can unlock more game characters by progressing through the game.

5) ZOMBIE Beyond Terror: FPS Survival Shooting Games:

It is a trending Android shooting an action game. The game lets you save the world from the zombies that are on rage for blood. The games make your adrenaline rush through your veins. This shooting game has been so far loved by 5 Million users and is trending the charts of Play store.

It’s a survival game where players have to aim, shoot and kill the scary zombies to survive from their attack. It has awesome game mechanics and excellent visuals. It is a good time killer and addictive.

So grab your Android phone from your pocket and download this excellent game.


These games are some of the best Android games that are grabbing the likes of Android users.

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