WordPress 3.2 Release Candidate 1

Automattic has just release a Release Candidate (RC 1) of its open source blogging and publishing platform WordPress 3.2 and  available for download. We know...

WordPress 2.8.3 security updates is out!

Wordpress release its new version 2.8.3 with some major security updates. According to Ryan Boren, Unfortunately, I missed some places when fixing the privilege escalation issues...

WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” released

After a long wait WordPress release its newest version WordPress 3.0 Thelonious. WordPress 3.0 is thirteenth major release of WordPress, is  now available for...

Introducing WordPress 3.6 Oscar – New Features Announcement!

A few months behind schedule, version 3.6 of WordPress is now live to the world and brings several new and important features. Dedicated “Oscar” to...

How to Integrate Breadcrumb Navigation without a plug-in

There are plenty of WordPress extensions that generate breadcrumb navigation. But you can actually create custom breadcrumb navigation with only a handful of lines...

Prevent Duplicate Pages with Permalink Redirect

There are only a select few WordPress plugins that I would consider “must-haves” for all types of blogs, no matter what the blog is...

WordPress 3.0 RC 1 Released (Release Candidate 1)

In April, Wordpress released its new beta version "Wordpress 3.0 Beta 1".  On May 28, 2010, Wordpress has finally launched its awesome Wordpress 3.0...

Automatically Tweet WordPress Posts with WordTwit

Twitter has exploded in popularity over the past year as many mainstream media sources have been using the service to communicate with their readers/viewers,...

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