eCommerce is one of the fastest growing sectors, and as with any other business there are a certain set of practices that can mean the difference between standing out and flopping. There is a big list of the number of features that can be incorporated into a website, but the primary target should be the focus on expanding the business. We shall discuss the best practices for web design that can take your eCommerce site to an altogether new level, thereby increasing the brand image and goodwill of an organization and at the same time increase your conversions.

Below are just a few of the practices that you can adopt for your website.

Don’t Be Afraid to Tell Your Story

It does not have to be a multiple pages long biography, but a brief background on what makes your business unique and why your customer should care about your company. Photographs of you or your staff engaging in the process of making your goods or service if its unique is a good idea.

Beautifying the Products and Services

An eCommerce website having appealing and conversational images is one of the best practices sought after by the companies. Such web design practices will result in higher traffic and eventually more followers. A close and wide range of shots of the product can make the image look more consistent and presentable.

Easy Website Navigation

The best practice and also the most basic of all web design solutions is easy navigation of the eCommerce site. A simpler sitemap will make it easy for the user to navigate to various tools, tabs, and pages. The visitor should not be so lost in web-pages that he has no option but to close the window. The layout should be neat, precise and concrete.

Delivering the Best Customer Service

This is probably the most important and deciding factor falling under the guideline of best practices for web design in eCommerce. Thinking out of the box and delivering consistent and satisfying service helps in developing a loyal customer base. Quick solutions for 24/7 chat and web support give a sense of calmness to the client with the feeling that the brand is watchfully looking after them.

Optimizing Website for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a procedure of driving maximum traffic towards the website. Considering the importance of best practices for web design in an eCommerce industry, optimization of websites is the foremost thing to be focused on. This can be done by creating exciting and fruitful content for the audience. Proper titles, descriptions and accuracy in keywords can be helpful in achieving the desired traffic on the site.

Many details with some of the minutest strategies pertaining to the best practices for web design in eCommerce portals have been discussed and explained. Adherence to the same with the right mix of tactics can drive the organization towards optimum results through customer engagement and the resulting increase in sales.

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The writer, Edrick Hypolite, is a budding ecommerce entrepreneur who presently turns to writing to help supplement his income while he gets his business off the ground. He always reminds readers that it is important for your site to have a secure checkout process, and he highly recommends visiting to set one up on your site. You can learn more about Edrick on Google+.


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