Planning to do away with your old Smartphone and buy a new one? Make sure you compare a few good ones before you get your hands in the pocket to pull out the money.

However, to compare mobiles is not an easy task, especially when you have thousands out there, all of which claim to be the best. So, how do you go about with it? Here are a few simple tips that can help you find the right one.

What’s Your Budget?

Well that’s how you start – by setting up a specific budget. No doubt, you might want to own the best Smartphone, one that’s better than what your neighbour has. Getting your hands on a high-end Smartphone might want you to spend a few extra bucks. So, make sure you set your budget accordingly. There are good ones available out there at a price as low as Rs. 6000, packed with some cool features. So, if you are on a beer budget, you can definitely hope for a champagne taste.

What are you looking for?

A large display, greater storage space, a non-plastic body, and stylish-design – What is compelling you to buy a new Smartphone? Numerous websites display phone features, without missing out on even the smallest one. In fact, most of these websites also help you compare two or more handsets, thereby making your task a lot easier.

Who’s talking what?

By now, you must be having a good number of options at hand. No doubt, the features may seem too enticing. But, what have others got to say about them? Are there any negative reviews on the ones you have shortlisted? Don’t forget to check out the ‘public reviews’ section while comparing mobile phones online.

Where to find the right deal?

Online stores are known to offer the best deals on Smartphones. In fact a few even go to an extent of offering a mammoth discount of up to 20%. A deal like this is sure to save you a fortune.

Online price comparison websites help you compare mobile prices in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is search for your desired phone and the stores offering the best deals on the same will be displayed on your screen.

Any Discounts Your Way?

After having done a good amount of research, you finally place your finger on a handset that rightly fits your requirement and is well within your budget. But, hold on. Is there any additional discount you can expect? The answer is ‘Yes’. Usually, websites that showcase the best deals also offer discount coupon codes that can further help you save a few extra bucks.
If lucky, you might even find a discount coupon that saves you as high as 30% on the total cost. How awesome is that?

Mission Accomplished

There you go. You finally have it. Of course, the process may consume a good amount of time. But, you are sure to hit the right spot.

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