Has technology impacted your life in a positive or negative manner?

The method of online communication has immensely increased in popularity as more and more people are able to access the Internet and due to the fact that smartphones are easily available and affordable by the masses.

Various modes of communication such as email, mobile messaging, forums and social networking are increasingly are used by millions of people to communicate with friends and family. It is the norm for one to have a smartphone or any internet enabled phone for example KNCTR for communication purpose as seen by the ever-increasing mobile usage.

This begs the question on whether technology is making online communication better or worse. While some may argue that technology has made communication better, others are strongly against the notion and believe that technology is making online communication worse.

In this article, we will look at both sides of the coin and really examine how technology has impacted communication.

For Better

1. Efficiency

Technology has allowed for more efficient online communication because mediums such as social media and mobile message allow for two people to initiate communications instantly.

Answering of questions, provision of feedback or important information is instant compared to other traditional methods of communication. This saves a lot of time, money and in the long run is more efficient

2. Ease of Maintaining Relationships

Maintenance of relationships through online communication is much more easier for many people than trying to have a regular face-to-face communication.

Online communications allows people to initiate communication whenever their friends/colleagues are online; this is easier as opposed to one find time to set aside to talk to someone on the phone.

Regular communication is the ingredient of having & maintaining regular relationships and technology has facilitated that.

3. Convenience

Technology has, to a great extent eased the convenience in online communication,

Currently one is able to initiate communication with more than one person at a go using various platforms, this is convenient to both users and allow for productivity.

Online communication is now almost entirely free using social media platforms, special software and mobile applications thus one is always free to start conversations whenever free.

For Worse

1. Constant Distraction

With mobile devices and computers, we are constantly bombarded with notifications of new messages on this and that platform that in the long run, one ends up doing nothing productive other than endlessly chatting.

The constant distraction also eats into our time and we tend to ignore close family members who need our time and attention.

As Mary Joyce, Author of the Book Digital Activism Decoded is quoted as saying “ Online communication may strengthen relationship of distant friends/relations but may damage the relationship of those nearer to us – technologies and applications eat into family and social time.”

2. Lack of Personal Touch

The very nature of how technology works inhibits personal communication in that it is short and instant and In no way meant to express feelings and emotion compared to face to face communication which has been effective in keeping people close for thousands of years now.

Technology also distorts the clarity of the message being conveyed since it is fast and instant so the communicating parties may not effectively communicate.

3. Anxiety

The availability of modern portable devices has ingrained in us the idea of constant information flow and instant gratification.

Ever been without your phone for a single full day?

It is virtually impossible because your brain is wired to constantly receiving text messages, emails etc. and when the phone is withdrawn, one feels anxious and unrest because it is like he/she will miss some important notification or message.

This is one of the severe negative effects of technology because human beings are rendered unproductive without their tech gadgets.


Like anything else in our beloved world, technology has both its positive side and negative side when it comes to online communication and interaction with fellow human beings.

It is our mandate to always be conscious and strike a balance between actually living lives as human beings and spending time immersed in the technology world. In this way, we will always be able to have quality online communication in the face of changing technology.

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