Did someone try to deceive you into disclosing your Facebook login information with a phishing email? Facebook wants to know.

The Social Networking website “Facebook” has setup a new email account for people to report scam/phishing emails.

If you receive any suspicious email message – even you aren’t using Facebook, forward it to [email protected].

Identified as scams/phishing, such emails try to get login information and other details by acting to came from a reputed business. Because many people today use the identical passwords at financial companies such as banks and other sites, anyone who obtains account details for Facebook can use it elsewhere.

We will report scams/phishing to other security firms and notify blacklists that Internet firms keep to avoid harmful sites. It will also protect users from publishing such links on Facebook, Facebook said on its security page.

Facebook says scams/phishing usually contain information that’s more unexplained than what’s in legitimate email messages from Facebook.

Back in April, Facebook joined with antivirus and security firms that offer free 6 months trail downloads.

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