Facebook has just unleashed a new “modern messaging system”. The company CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this morning in San Francisco at a press event.

Mark claims more than 4 billion messages are passing through Facebook every day. He also enclosed that Facebook have no doubt that modern messaging is personal, minimal, seamless, simple, informal, and immediate. “It’s not e-mail,” he said.

According to the Facebook Official Blog, “Messages doesn’t work like an email because there are no extra lines such as cc, bcc, and subject. Users can send a message by pressing the Enter key.”

Interestingly, Facebook also providing an email address with suffix to all Facebook users who needs one. Now Users can share everything with their friends, even they’re not on the Facebook.

The new messaging system is compound of three parts: conversation history, seamless messaging, and the social inbox and designed to make it simpler for user. Users can receive or send messages in one place through Facebook chat, email or SMS in real-time. It is not necessary whatever device or medium they’re using. The new system will be available for users in next few months (invite-only process).

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