There are now millions of apps available for your Smartphone and Tablets, and, remarkably, many of the best are 100% free.

The following list showcases our pick of the 10 best free and essential apps for your new Smartphones or Tablets, no matter they are running on iOS, Android or Windows or other operating system, includes applications for social networking, news, productivity, photography, travel and more.

It’s a good list, so we’d like to share it with all of you and all the apps are free.


FacebookFacebook is the world’s biggest social network and this has to be the first app download in your new Smartphone or Tablet. This app enables you to stay connected with 1.2 billion people in the social network as well as access your contacts feeds and other important information.


SkypeSkype is a free VOIP app that allows you to make free calls to your friend and cheap calls to anywhere in the world. Therefore, Skype is an essential app to download. What’s not to like about that?


DropboxDropbox is also a free app for your new Smartphone and Tablet and comes in the 3rd place on this list. It allows you to transfer content between your devices as well as your computer. It dumps files you want to synchronize and your other device will able you to access them.


NetflixNetflix is a free app to play Movies and TV shows on your new Smartphone and Tablets. This Netflix app presents the best experience anytime, anywhere.


PandoraPandora is a free, personalized radio that allows you to discover new music and enjoy your favorites. Start with your favorite song, composer or artist and Pandora will do the rest. Pandora also allows you to create your own personalized stations that only play that music, which you’ll love.


TwitterTwitter is a free social networking app that allows you to share your experience. It also quickly rolls in new features of the website, such as the Connect and Discover opinions, as well as extensible tweets that include photos and videos.


EvernoteIt is an easy to use app that enables you to remember everything across all devices that are in your use and stay organized and enhance productivity. It also has an ability to take photos, notes, record voice reminders, and create to-do lists, whether you are at work, at home or on the go.

Weather Channel

The Weather ChannelThis weather app is also available for free that enables you to remain updated with the weather condition. Use this app in any season, to plan your trip and take it with you when you travel!


SnapseedSnapseed is the only photo app you’ll also want to use every single day. It makes any picture outstanding with a fun, high-quality experience right at your fingertips. You can also easily transform, enhance or share it with your family and friends using the built-in Google+ feature.


Flipboard in a News and Magazine app which brings world news and social media news together in a wonderful magazine style on your new Smartphone or Tablet. You’ve to pick a few topics and flipboard will enable you to instantly start flipping through the pages to read out your favorite topics news.

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