Google Voice Users Can Now Export Voicemails, Phone Numbers and Texts

The search giant’s data export service, now allows Google Voice users to download all of their account data using Google Takeout service.

“We believe that our Google Voice users should be able to export any data that they create in (or import into) one of our many products,” Anthony Jawad, Google engineer writes in a blog post.

Its means, all of the data related to your Google Voice account such as voicemail messages, call history, call recordings and greetings, is now available for download.

Google also makes a courtesy of The Data Liberation Front in a YouTube video below, a team of internal engineers building products to help users to transfer their data in and out of Google.

Remember, Google Takeout was introduced in July and the service introduced with the ability to export data from Google other services like, Contacts and Circles, Buzz, Google Profile and Picasa Web Album.

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