Facebook acquires FB.com to Start an E-Mail Service


It has been disclosed that Facebook has buy the Fb.com domain. This news arrives before its special event, where it is set to uncover an improved version of Messages.

According to rumors, it is expected all Facebook users will be offered an email address with the facebook.com suffix. Here’s our question: how will Facebook differentiate between users and employee?

Fb.com domain name offers a possible answer. Domain Name Wire uncovers that the domain’s WHOIS for FB.com has been changed yesterday and shows that Facebook is the owner of the domain.  It’s extremely likely that Facebook will offer an email address to their 1,400+ employees with @fb.com suffix.

Yahoo does something similar to avoid confusion between 100 million users and employee. Currently, more than 500 million users are using Facebook around the world.

Here’s out another question: do Facebook users really want an email address with @Facebook.com Suffix? Let us know what you think.


  1. Do I want an email address with Facebook? Do I want an email address with a social website that gives little care to privacy? Would I trust Facebook with my emails?

    Short answer: Hell no.


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