The social networking website Facebook testing a new feature that allows user to get discount on those virtual products which are purchased by their friends called “Buy with Friends” likes of Groupon and LivingSocial.

Here is an example about the Working of “Buy with Friend”:

A user makes a purchase using his Facebook Credits, Facebook Currency and shares it in his news feed. A friend sees it and then purchase the same product at a discount from the news feed.

Currently, this new feature is only available for certain in-game purchase of virtual products.

Facebook Buy with Friends

Deb Liu (Head of Commerce Product Marketing) told at the “Inside Social Apps Conference” on Tuesday, that more than half of users are selected for the beginning tests, to share their in-app purchases with their friends, Forbes reports.

At this time “Buy with Friends” feature is restricted for virtual goods, we can easily conceive how this feature could be expanding to include physical goods as well, especially as more and more retailers set up shop on facebook.

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