Many webmasters prefer to host their business websites on dedicated servers to avoid the risk of storing multiple services onto a single web server. Despite of the high cost of hosting the websites on the Windows dedicated server or Linux dedicated server. Cheap dedicated servers are very popular among online businesses for their functionality and features in ensuring the website is 100% safe and secure from hackers, phishers, and even from virus attacks. However, you must remember that all the text and multimedia files, software programs and hardware required for running you business website are stored on a single system. Therefore, a number of effective measures need to be implemented to provide the server with a much higher level of protection and security.

Cheap Dedicated Servers Can Work to Your Advantage

1. Impose Restrictions on Server Room Entry:

The information as well as files stored on the cheap dedicated servers can be damaged intentionally or accidentally. And so, you must place the server inside a secure location. It is also very much important to implement a string password policy for the persons authorized to access the system. Further, you must clearly mention the consequences of violating the information security rules and sharing individual system passwords. These activities will work well in safeguarding your business website from any possible damages regardless if they are intentionally or accidentally done.

2. Update Security Patches and Critical Updates Immediately:

The software program and OS manufacturers often release updates on security patches and other important updates you have to follow. If you have subscribed to the Windows dedicated server or Linux dedicated server maintenance services, it important to make sure that the service provider keeps up to date these security patches and critical updates without delays. Similarly, the server administrator deployed by your company must be instructed to install the patches and updates immediately to eliminate the security loopholes and other exposures.

3. Identify and Remove the Irrelevant Services:

When you decide to use specific systems as one of your cheap dedicated servers, some measures must be taken to optimize the performance and security of the computer. There are times when the unused and unnecessary services operating on the server can pose some risks to the business. Have a look at the unnecessary services that are running on your server, they can be hampering the overall performance of your websites. For instance, if the server is going to manage the email account of your organization, you can turn off the file transfer protocol (FTP) feature. You can even get the system checked by a network security technician to turn off these unnecessary services.

4. Perform Up-To-Date Audits of The Server:

Apart from these security measures, spend some time to audit and check the server regularly. You must make sure you focus on finding suspicious activities like password changes, intrusive software, and other related activities. Further, you also need to check whether any unnecessary service is activated not too long ago. The occasional server audit will inform the one in charge and at the same time make sure the dedicated web server is secure. Make sure you select the right company that will take care of the security properly. One of the better options you can inquire about here.

However, the safety and security of cheap dedicated servers is an ongoing issue. You must prepare and implement a proper security policy by considering these effective measures.

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